Performer Information

Brad & Bonnie Exton

Ramblin' Rangers

Hot Springs, SD

Brad & Bonnie Exton

Chuckwagon cookouts, brandings and barn parties. Cowboy Gatherings. State Parks, Heritage Centers and Western Museums. Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and the Dakotas, Wyoming, Montana and even Canada. If you're traveling these parts, looking for music honoring the western way of life, you'll likely find the award winning Ramblin' Rangers, with their signature “Boots on the Ground” sound. Brad and BonnieJo Exton, retired rangers based out of the Black Hills of South Dakota, bring a special insight to their story telling, music and lore. Songs of joy and heartache, of labor and love. Singing to the hearts of romantics everywhere. Songs that bring out the nostalgia of the Old West. Entertainers and songwriters, the Rangers offer their unique sound blending Bonnie Jo's sweet harmonies with Brad's smooth, easy listening voice. It all adds up to the listener experience the Ramblin' Rangers took aim at when they began; working as Rangers in the forests, parks and monuments throughout their lives and careers in the West.

Have Guitars, Will Ramble!

Talents: Musician, Singer, Songwriter
  • 2020 Working Cowboy Song of the Year