Performer Information

Rex Allen, Jr.

Nashville, TN
Rex Allen, Jr.

One of the truly golden voices in modern music, Rex Allen Jr. is a consummate actor, singer, songwriter and entertainer. A life-long lover of country & western art forms, Allen continues to lend his significant vocal talents to film and television between studio dates and concert work, where he endeavors to find deeper interpretations of music from yesteryears gone by, as well as express himself through his own writing. “My roots are in Western music, in the feel and harmonies of my early work, on through to what I am doing today.”

A forty-year plus veteran of the entertainment industry, Allen is ever focused on his career, whether through the Garage Song Volumes, collections of songs with deeply personal meanings and stories, as well as the gospel-themed Faith of a Man series. Allen currently lives in his affectionately-nicknamed “Treehouse” in the greater Nashville area, surrounded by his family and the culture he has loved his whole life. Reflecting on finding his joy in music, “The Garage Songs Volumes are a look into my soul… the songs I am choosing are a part of my life, and each one has a story and a meaning to me.”

Talents: Musician, Singer, Songwriter
  • 2017 Male Performer of the Year