About the International Western Music Association

Our Mission

The International Western Music Association is an organization that encourages and supports the preservation, performance and composition of historic traditional and contemporary music and poetry of The West.

The International Western Music Association and its chapters foster the professional growth of individual performing members. Our open membership policy encourages western music performers and fans to join and participate in the organization. The IWMA publishes the quarterly "Western Way", the only professional magazine dedicated to the promotion of Western Music. The IWMA website provides a central focus for Western Music performers and links to their individual websites. Inclusion on the website is one of the membership benefits for performing members. The IWMA Youth Chapter was started to acquaint students with the musical heritage of the American West, from traditional trail songs, through the era of the movie cowboy, to contemporary western songwriting.

In large part, the IWMA is responsible for the continuing popularity of Western Music. Articles on Western Music have appeared in national publications, including "Cowboys & Indians", "American Cowboy", "Cowboy" Magazine, "The Christian Science Monitor", and "Billboard", in many newspapers and regional publications in the United States and Canada, and in publications in Europe. Western Music can be heard on dedicated radio programs and in folk and country radio formats in the United States, Canada, and Europe, and the number of new CD releases in the genre is growing every year. One of the most effective ways of expanding the visibility and enhancing the reputation of Western Music and Poetry is through the annual IWMA Convention. Through performances, workshops and seminars, IWMA educates the public about Western Music and helps people understand and appreciate the contribution of Western Music to our culture

Our History

In August 1988, a group of Western Music performers and fans met in Las Vegas, Nevada to organize an association and present a festival. They incorporated the Western Music Association as an Arizona non-profit corporation in 1989 and the organization has had an annual gathering every November since then. Since its inception, the WMA has expanded to include twelve state and regional chapters, and it’s been among the forces that are responsible for the current popularity of Western Music around the world. In 2018, the corporation name was changed to the International Western Music Association to reflect that popularity and recognize Western Music and Poetry being performed in other countries.


The Western Music Association represents what is good and wholesome in our society. We all remember Roy Rogers and the other singing cowboys, and we’ve heard about the Code of the West. The IWMA strives to remind folks of this legacy. IWMA members represent the true cowboy image while providing exceptional family entertainment.

As a member of IWMA, you can also join and support a local chapter or donate your time and talent as a member of one of the many committees that work tirelessly to support the mission and goals of the Association.

Crisis Fund Committee
Rich Dollarhide

Hall of Fame Committee
Marvin O’Dell

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Media Committee
Juni Fisher, Chairman