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Play Music on the Porch Day

August 26, 2023
Play Music on the Porch Day

Musicians from around the world will come together on August 26, 2023 to celebrate the 10th annual “Play Music on the Porch Day”. The event, which started as a simple idea in 2013, has grown into a worldwide movement that promotes community engagement and encourages residents to connect through the universal language of music.

“Play Music on the Porch Day” began with the question, “What if for one day everything stopped... I’m And we all just listened to the music?” This idea quickly spread, and in 2018, thousands of musicians from at least 70 countries and thousands of cities participated. Now, in 2023, the event continues to grow, bringing together musicians from across the globe, regardless of their differences, to find common ground through music.

The event is open to all, regardless of skill level or type of instrument. Musicians are encouraged to play on their porches, in their yards, or in public spaces. No porch is necessary. Just find a place to gather and celebrate music.

“Music is powerful and universal. It doesn’t matter if you play an Oud, a Guitarrón, a Nyckelharpa, or a Guitar. When you pick up your instrument and start to play, the world disappears and you get lost in the sounds. Music goes beyond words. It can transcend the most difficult barriers. It ties us together like a thread through our hearts” said the event organizers.