Performer Information

Sherl Cederburg

Hot Springs, SD

Sherl Cederburg

Sherl Cederburg is a Cowgirl Poet who loves to tell a good story.   She wants to make you laugh, or cry, or at least think.  She writes and recites her own poetry.   Most of her inspiration comes from her faith, her life experiences, and from listening to the stories of those around her.  Sherl rides and drives horses regularly.   Sherl writes old west, new west, and gospel based cowboy poetry.   She recites regularly at her Cowboy Church and Cowboy Poetry Gatherings.  She is available to recite around campfires, at camps, retreats, cowboy gatherings, churches, or just about any other group. Sherl performs regularly with Pegie Douglas and Kimberly Kay Bachman. These ladies are known as the WILDFLOWERS.

CD/Book Registry
2020 - Born to Ponder
2022 - Wisdom in the Wind

Talents: Poet
  • 2021 Female Poet of the Year Nominee
  • 2020 Cowboy Poetry CD of the Year Nominee