Performer Information

Jennifer Epps

Notable Exceptions

Ellensburg, WA

Jennifer Epps

The Notable Exceptions sound is a potpourri of Folk, Western, and novelty tunes.  From house concerts to concert halls, Judy Coder and Jennifer Epps are known in the world of western music for their finely crafted vocal harmony.  Judy's tasteful rhythm guitar is right on the button; Jennifer sweetens the sound with tidbits of harmonica, rhythm instruments, flutes and whistles.  The result is fun, fresh, bold Americana.   This delightful pair is the Western Music Association 2015 Harmony Duo of the Year.  Follow their adventures on Facebook, and catch them live when they tour through your town.  You’re in for "Rootin' Tootin', Nose-Flutin' Fun!"

Talents: Musician, Singer, Yodeling
  • 2022 Poetry Contest