Performer Information

Jeneve Rose Mitchell

Grand Junction, CO

Jeneve Rose Mitchell

I am a 14-year old cowgirl and live off the grid on 35 acres on the side of Saddle Mountain in the Elk Wilderness of Western Colorado. My favorite thing to do besides play 9 instruments is to train and ride my 8 pack horses. I write my own Western Music and have my first CD out this year, which I produced, mixed, and recorded entirely by myself.  I pay for my own music lessons and buy all my own instruments, with a few generous donations from fans. My dad, Tim, and I won the WMA 2013 Harmony Duo of the year playing my Cello to Cool Water. My multi-instrumental talent helps me play all styles of Western Music from swing, yodeling, old cowboy ballads and more. I also like to mix in some blues, soul, gospel, and blue grass to my sets.  I love my audiences and I hope my music will win your heart.

Talents: Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Yodeling
  • 2022 Yodeling Award
  • 2018 Yodeling Award
  • 2016 Liz Masterson Crescendo Award
  • 2013 Harmony Award